Sony's ISO System Update in September - These activities are permitted

Sony released on YouTube video from the next big system update that will be released in September.

Both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 get big support updates. Below the summary of them.

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Control Center, i.e. the PS key on top of the menu, can be freed freely, for example, ordering and visibility by changing Internal communications and private communications for messages are converted easier to change through the control center You will see the number of friends on your online, offline and busy space, and you can accept or reject multiple friend requests at both PS4 and PS5 You can delete groups you managed at one time, without having to remove people from groups one by one If you have installed different versions of the same game, they will appear in your playbook and the last played games listed as separate titles. The version of the version is also clearly visible If you striped the games through the PlayStation Now service, you can select either 720p or 1080p for your broadcast. You can also test the quality of the shipment before starting Update Add support to 3D audio playback on built-in TV speakers. Controls can be used to optimize audio in accordance with the acoustic properties of your room

As a result of the update, the enlargement of M.2 SSD storage mode will be possible. In this case, PlayStation 4 can also be played back from the SSD station The PS Remote Play application and the PlayStation application allow the console to remote access both by PS4 and PS5 if the Internet connection is quick enough If you are using Remote Play, you will soon be able to follow your friends to play through it and chat with them. This happens through a PS5 Groupchat

The update arrives at PlayStation consoles worldwide on 15.9. That is, during tomorrow, tells PlayStation Blog.


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